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February 01, 2008

SAG Awards Fug Carpet: January Jones

The first time around I missed a lot of Mad Men, because I couldn't watch them fast enough to keep my TiVo from replacing old ones with newer episodes. Now, if we're being honest, usually my reaction to heavily hyped stuff that passed me by the first time around is to get kind of overly aggravated by it and ignore it, until my defenses are so worn down that one idle day I sit down with whatever it is and think, "Okay, let's see how TOTALLY BAD this really is," ending of course with me completely on board and secretly admitting it's kind of great. This happened with One Tree Hill some time ago, with Dawson's Creek back in the day, and with wedge shoes. But Mad Men, I knew I wanted to see. And as I've been catching up piecemeal in reruns, the hype is totally not misplaced. It's very well done.

January Jones (who was indeed born in January; she should be relieved she wasn't a September baby), in particular, is great in it. So I really wanted to love whatever she wore to the SAG Awards. And indeed, I love her face, which thankfully she brought with her.


I can't really get behind this. It looks like a homemade Valentine. And while that's great in elementary school, and one might argue that the SAG Awards are an elementary awards show only getting major attention because the Golden Globes were out sick and needed an understudy, I just wish January had gone for a gown that reminded me less of something I traditionally would've accessorized with a doily.

See? All that bright fabric everywhere, and then at the bodice it just limply erupts into a half-hearted ruffle. And no matter how great her makeup is, how tiny her waist looks, or how much I would like to call her up for skin-care tips, it's hard to root for a half-hearted ruffle. Either go big or go home, I say; it might not always work, but at least you went for broke. This way, it just looks like the designer was chiefly inspired by a napkin fan on the table of the Mother's Day Brunchtravaganza at his grandparents' yacht club.

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