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February 06, 2008

Samantha Fug?

At an amfAR event in New York to which almost all the attendees wore bright colors, Jennifer Esposito was no exception:

Okay, so it's a little Planet Unicorn in many respects, but whatever -- she was keeping to a theme, and when we know stuff like that in advance, we tend to take it into consideration (sorry, Toni Braxton, that we didn't realize you only wore that Campbell's dress for charity because a viewer vote told you to; that does not change the fact that those voters have lost their minds, however).

But we're not entirely sure that these were required to be on the menu.

How very Desperately Seeking Pretty In Pink. You could probably ACTUALLY surgically fuse Madonna and Molly Ringwald and get something a) more attractive, b) less desperate, and c) more intimately acquainted with a hairbrush. Perhaps she took her work home with her, and developed a crushing case of amnesia that erased her memory of where all the mirrors are in her house.

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