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February 07, 2008

Well Played: Rachel Zoe

I know! You thought this day would never come! After all, there may be a portion in our book in which we compare Rachel Zoe to some kind of leather goods (and in HER book, she admits that she tans, for real, in the sun, every day, and frankly, I think those two items are connected).  However, never let it be said that we don't give credit where it is due.  I think Zoe looks totally fabby in this. Red is kind of great on her! And she's not wearing what is essentially a giant muu-muu, nor is she covered in wack-ass bangles like Claire's employee who's overly excited about her discount:

I just kind of love it. It's such a refreshing departure from her norm and that's exciting to see on anyone.  Also, I am powerless in face of a metallic shoe. I have to admit it. Round 614 goes to Zoe.

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