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February 29, 2008

Your Fugment of Zen

It's been another long week here at GFY HQ, what with the Oscars, and blogging about the Oscars, and then complaining about how boring the Oscars were... but, at long last, TGIF. Which around these parts stands for Thank George It's Friday.

What better way to end the week than to borrow again, with respect, a gimmick from The Daily Show and sign off for the day with something that brings us inner peace. After a random conversation with a friend about Reba McEntyre songs, it came to my attention that she'd never been exposed to the sheer brilliance that is the video for that old duet, "Does He Love You?" I remember seeing this when the song came out back in the 90s, and it plucked every soapy heartstring I have.

Behold the glories of what Reba is wearing in the very first shot! Of the hat she so boldly wears in extreme close-ups in Act 2! Of the hugeness of her hair in Act Three!  The total generic himbo they're fighting for, and all the associated top-notch acting! And that ending. The ENDING! (Ignore the stupid tag with Rob Reiner; I don't know what that's there for, except perhaps to comfort the world that It Was Acting, and that if you happen to have misplaced Linda Davis since this video, it's not because Reba is an actual Love Terrorist.)

All I know is, if this video ever mated with one of Joan Collins' legendary on-screen catfights, the world would be a better place. Have a lovely weekend.

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