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March 14, 2008

Fug Madness 2008: The Brackets, Part IV

(1) CHLOE SEVIGNY         vs.    (16) CAMERON DIAZ

(2) BAI LING                        vs.    (15) HILARY DUFF

(3) TARA REID                    vs.    (14) ASHLEY OLSEN


(5) ALICIA KEYS                vs.    (12) EVA LONGORIA



(8) DIANE KRUGER           vs.    (9) MARY-KATE OLSEN

Oh, man. This final bracket is just chock-full of crazy. Chloe Sevigny propelled herself into one seed on the strength of her mad terrible collection for Opening Ceremony, but can she make past all these other fools into the final game? Sure, that seems like a slam dunk, but then you remember that Bai Ling never wears pants and Tara Reid... is Tara Reid. This bracket also features a very strong upset possibility in the personage of Phoebe Price, whom we suspect may go further than any of us truly will find at all comfortable.  Dear God, what if she wins the whole thing? Can we live with that? And who isn't looking forward to seeing Oscar Winner Cate Blanchett versus Oscar Winner and Homemade Shoe Enthusiast Daniel Day-Lewis? We're also shoe-horned both our fugly sibling pairs into this bracket, in the hopes of containing their genetic material. It probably won't work.

And thus concludes Selection Friday. Monday, we'll be posting some basic rules (a huge, complex list of... like, two) and a complete, printable bracket so you can play along at home (or, let's be honest here: your office). Voting begins on Tuesday, and really gets going Thursday and Friday!  The trash-talking, however, can start now.

Reminder: Please don't freak out if your favorite -- or least-favorite -- Fug Hound didn't make the list. Sometimes we had to consider how much they've been in rotation lately, whether they've made leaps and bounds in their style, whether there was an extenuating circumstance (like pregnancy or potential mental illness, which accounts for our total lack of Britney; may she get well soon so that she can claim her rightful top seed in 2009), or whether we completely forgot they existed. Hey, it happens. Just kick back, enjoy the games, and imagine that your missing favorite is out there somewhere playing in the Fug NIT, leading the charge of the also-rans and praying for a more auspicious and publicly terrible year to come.

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