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March 17, 2008

Fug Madness: The Completed Bracket, The Rules, and the Play-In Participants

We're taking a break from frantically filling out our ACTUAL March Madness brackets to bring you a few important announcements and one SHOCKING REVELATION about our star-studded knockoff tournament.

1) The first round begins on Thursday with four matchups from each of the four brackets, with the rest taking place on Friday -- much like the glorious tournament on which it is based. Then Round Two will begin on Monday, March 24, and so on and so forth.

2) Here is a downloadable PDF of the full Fug Madness bracket, which has the dates of all the contests and which you can print and fill in as we go: Download Fug_Madness_bracket.pdf

3) Polls for each contest will be open for roughly 24 hours (as close as we can make it) from the time the post is published. Vote early, and if your browser allows, vote often.

4) This is the big one: As you know, Go Fug Yourself hasn't had comments in a long time, because a few rotten eggs spoiled it for all the good ones -- but because we're excited, and because we're high on bracketology, we've decided to reopen comments on a trial basis. Important note: It will ONLY be on Fug Madness posts, so that people can discuss their vote and the contest at hand they see fit. But this will not be without conditions.

  • Please do NOT use this time to vent your spleen against the celebrity in question (that's what therapy is for) or the site itself (that's what e-mail is for, and Intern George has the typing blisters on his beautiful fingers to prove it).
  • Keep it clean, keep it on-topic, keep it relevant. If all you want to do is say, "DIE, SLUTZ," well, that's not polite in English OR in German, so please don't.
  • We reserve the right to edit or delete comments if they're not in the spirit of the contest, and/or are spoiling everyone else's fun.
  • We will TOTALLY close the comments again FOREVER if this blows up into something awful. This is not our first rodeo with this; we have extreme reservations, but we've decided to give it a whirl anyway, so please don't make us regret it.

5) And now for the identity of the two celebrities dueling TOMORROW for the right to take on top-seeded Lindsay Lohan in the Cher bracket.

Drum roll, please...


That's right, it's a classic sibling showdown, Peldon vs. Peldon, for this coveted slot. Can our favorite blond pixie (above on the left, for the uninitiated) knock off her sometimes better-dressed younger sister, or will Brown Peldon's insistence on lightening her hair and making perfumes that all smell like food push her past Courtney for the win?

Voting starts tomorrow! Get your mouse-clicking finger ready.

6) There isn't a sixth item. Just go forth and enjoy.

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