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March 03, 2008

Fug Or Fab: Mischa Barton

Oh, Mischa Barton. How the mighty have fallen, eh? Killed off The OC ....and no one really cared.  Offered -- allegedly -- a role on Gossip Girl and people freaked out. And not in the good way. Stick a little DUI in the middle of that and you've got a tasty, toasted downward-spiral sandwich. At least they're still inviting you to things, right?

[Photo: Splash News]

A word to the wise: you'd look about six hundred percent better in this if your posture wasn't screaming, "IS THIS TOO SHORT ON ME? I HAVE CONCERNS ABOUT MY THIGHS!" Your thighs are fine. The dress is great. Your accessories are....well, surely words wouldn't be failing me if I wasn't on day three of a raging fever. (Heather and I contracted the Death Flu simultaneously, which would be cute if we weren't both convinced we might lapse into a coma at any time. To the thousands of you who've already had this infamous Death Flu and survived it, I wholeheartedly salute you. Stupid germs. I hate them.)

What was I talking about? Oh, Mischa's accessories. My fever tells me they're totally adgoi3tgfsws@!1frf, which sounds pretty accurate.

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