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March 17, 2008

Fugday Night Lights

It's well documented that I love me some Friday Night Lights, and as such, I will always love Aimee Teegarden for being Julie Taylor. Oh, sure, that whole episode where Julie acted like a pill toward her baby sister, and then dumped Matt for that hideous "The Swede" character, was maddening -- but only because she's such a good kid, and I want her to be happy. She needs to get back on the QB1 train and help him get over the loss of his grandmother's hot nurse. Or hook up with Tim Riggins. I feel like that might be the solution to anything that ails ye -- just get loved up by Tim Riggins and EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE.

And maybe that would spill over into Aimee Teegarden cleaning out her closet and purging it of stuff like this.

While I'm sure the Dr. Scholls people are thrilled that she's wearing their arch-supporting, therapeutic, yet fugtastically soul-injuring sandals out in public, they are both a) awful, and b) an especially horrific match to this dress -- which, itself, looks as though it came from a catalog called So It's Your Third Wedding! that she found outside a David's Bridal. I know there's a lot of pressure to grow up fast in Hollywood, but honey, enjoy being young while you can. No need to rush into wearing clothes that generally only see the light of day at a ceremony where someone in the crowd snorts, "White? After TWO divorces? Who is she KIDDING?!"

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