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March 05, 2008

Fug's Anatomy

[Photo: Flynetonline.com]

"Why did that kid  just tell me he loved Dukes of Hazzard? Was he implying I ought to be wearing short-shorts? I'm so confused. Ever since I got my hair cut, people have been acting SO WEIRD. Like that girl at Cost Plus yesterday who told me she thought my sister was way more talented than I am.  I thought maybe my sister put her up to it, but how would she have pulled that off...?  She didn't know I was going to buy another set of woven seagrass wastebaskets today. And then there was that dude at the gas station this morning who told me to say hello to Tony....who the hell is Tony? Does he think T.R's name is actually Tony? IS T.R's name actually Tony? I better check. Then there was that old lady who told me I never should have let Nick go....who is NICK? What is going ON around here? I need a cigarette."

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