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March 12, 2008

Get Ready For Fug Madness

March brings with it many delightful things: longer hours of daylight, delicious Girl Scout cookies, and -- most importantly -- the glorious drama and excitement that comes with the NCAA college basketball tournament. There is nothing we love more, except perhaps making fun of celebrities' outfits, than following each of the tourney's 64 teams (65, if you count the play-in game, AND WE DO) as they shoot and score their way through six rounds of games on the way to being crowned the best college basketball team in America. 

Which is where Fug Madness comes in, a little something we'd planned before loads of other people got bitten by the bracketology bug also, but that will not deter us. Imagine if this Web site somehow managed to take the Tournament out for drinks and they both ended up getting really drunk and finally admitted to each other that -- damn it! -- they're in love with each other. And always have been!  Cut to a bear skin rug and a roaring fire, and nine months later, Fug Madness arrives.

This is the way it works: The Official Fug Madness Selection Committee -- otherwise known as me, Heather, and Intern George --has chosen 65 of the celebrity world's most sartorially misguided individuals.  Just like the basketball tournament, we've placed each celeb in one of four regions, and seeded them from 16 (super unlikely to actually win this thing) to 1 (a superstar of fug, and possibly the fugliest celebrity in the world). We even tried to take into account mid-majors, a.k.a., those teams/celebrities that could win their respective conferences but won't place much higher than 12 or 13 in the tournament because they're not really that well-known. And then we make them fight it out through several rounds of head-to-head, fug-on-fug competition to determine who is the Fugliest of Them All.

Who chooses the winner of each round, I hear you asking?  You do, through the magic of polls. The Madness will stretch over the next several weeks, in step with the basketball tournament, and we can't wait to see who you guys decide is the Fugliest Celebrity In All The Land. We'll be announcing the celebrities in play over the next couple of days, and the first game -- a play-in game between Fugly Celebrity 64 and 65 -- kicks off on Tuesday, March 18th. And to make it easier for you to see how things are progressing, we'll have a bracket up on the site that you can download and print, with the 65 celebs in their respective  berths.

So warm up your poll-voting-finger, toss some beer in the fridge, and practice your trash-talking. Fug Madness is here for you.

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