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March 06, 2008


It's always a sad day when you wake up and realize....there is no more Project Runway to be had. Not for God knows how long. How are you supposed to deal with that? American Idol does not feature a gorgeously-banged German supermodel, no matter what Paula claims. On the other hand, the finale last night might have been maybe a little....well, a wee bit dull. In the second of this week's one-two punch for NY Mag.com, we muse that:

It might have worked if Chris March had donned a mask and made a second collection in the basement of Parsons and then haunted Bryant Park. And kidnapped Posh.

I think you'll agree we have a point.  We know you're hungover from last night's pitcher of Tim Gunn-tinis, but once you wipe the sleep from your eyes and feel human again,  read the rest of our take on the Project Runway finale on The Cut.

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