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March 03, 2008

Outta My Fug

[Photo: INFdaily.com]


PETE WENTZ: What up, baby?

ASHLEE: Do you think we look too matchy-matchy tonight?

PETE: What are you talking about? I think we look fierce, both individually and collectively.

ASHLEE: Sure, but....you know, we're promoting my new album.  Shouldn't I stand out more?

PETE: I'm not sure I understand you.

ASHLEE: I mean, don't we want people to pay attention to ME tonight? Not US?

PETE: But I thought YOU were US. I am YOU. You are ME. WE are WE. And I told you, you didn't have to wear the hoodie.

ASHLEE: That was just so we could better show off our matching bangs.


ASHLEE: I guess.

PETE: Ash, I just want you to be happy. And what says "conjugal happiness and sensitive yet catchy emo/punk rock" like matching outfits?

ASHLEE: Fair enough.

PETE: PS -- am I accidentally sitting next to Bobby Trendy?

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