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March 10, 2008

Phoebe Fugs

In case you were wondering what Frequent Fug Offender Phoebe Price was up to:

I like the idea that she's maybe stalking Juliette Lewis in hopes of joining Juliette's wildly be-legginged punk band. Or maybe this adorable little personage on the front of her frock is the latest effort from one of those low-rent, non-Disney, non-Pixar animation houses who release endless DVDs about princesses, mermaids and mermaid-princesses in the hopes of getting sleep-deprived parents to accidentally buy one of them at Target, and she's rented out her chest to them as ad space. Next week, maybe her entire body will be covered in ads, like those cars you see slowly weaving down Hollywood Boulevard completely wrapped in informational material about the girls at Spearment Rhino.

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