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March 31, 2008

Princess Fugoline of Fugaco

PRINCE ALBERT: AAAH! Um, I mean, ah! It's you, sis! Hi! Ah!

PRINCESS CAROLINE: What's wrong? You seem sort of startled.

ALBERT: ME? No, no, what could POSSIBLY be alarming to me on this glorious night in Monaco?

CAROLINE: It's not ME, is it? Is there something in my teeth?

ALBERT: HA!... Er, I mean, aha, AHA, maybe there is. Yes.

CAROLINE: I hope nobody else noticed!

ALBERT: Oh, I'm pretty sure no one's looking at your teeth.

CAROLINE: Aw, thanks, you're sweet. You look very dapper yourself.

ALBERT: I wasn't... hey, isn't it COLD outside? Don't you want to be wearing a coat? FREEZING. I've never been colder.

CAROLINE: It IS a bit nippy out. Could I just borrow your jacket for a few minutes to warm up a tad?

ALBERT: NO. It's... I mean, this old thing, it's very thin, rather careworn, you'd almost be colder. Maybe we could get you a really LONG wool coat? Or maybe a comforter to wrap yourself in, all toasty-like? Doesn't that sound divine?

CAROLINE: You're so silly. And what's with the red kerchief? Bit showy, don't you think? Tsk, tsk, little brother!

ALBERT: You know what, forget it -- I'm going to find some appetizers. Good luck, fool! I hope Liza Minnelli doesn't send any thugs to beat you up for stealing her dress! Oh, and NICE F'ING PURSE.

CAROLINE: Hmm, what? Did you just say something? Sorry, I was just checking my teeth one more time. What about Nigel's purse?


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