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March 18, 2008

St Phoebe's Day

[Photo: INF Daily]

"Why, hello! I didn't see you there. I just happened to be standing outside on the sidewalk here with my knitting, in boots made of recycled handbags from 2004 and what I shamefully must admit is actually a really kind of cute dress, reading! Just reading! It's fundamental. What am I reading? Oh, The Economist, I think. What? Wait! Oh, what is this? Is this Star Magazine? And I  --  I, Phoebe Price -- just happen to be featured on the page facing outward toward the camera? No! That's impossible. I thought I was reading The New Yorker. This is clearly a copy of The Atlantic Monthly! I'd NEVER stand around and pose with a picture of myself being shamed by the fashion police, just for more press. NEVER, I tell you! Never!"

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