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April 15, 2008

CMT Awards Fug: LeAnn Rimes

A comment we often make about LeAnn Rimes is, "Well, considering she grew up in the industry, she seems pretty normal, and somehow she got into her twenties without flashing her chamber of secrets all over town."

Here's hoping that was still true once the CMT Awards ended.

Wow, right? I'm also deeply unimpressed with the orthopedic Tin Man clodhoppers she's got on her feet, but mostly, I'm hoping that if LeAnn pulls a chain the scallops will descend like a window-shade down toward her knees so she can sit down without contracting anything.

She went with a similar risque theme during what I assume was her performance, but with a slightly more literal insistence that -- to borrow from Britney Spears -- she's not that innocent:

I didn't watch the CMT Awards so I don't know what this was in aid of, and frankly, I almost don't want to know. In my head, she performed a country-tinged salute to Annie and Chicago, in which a burlesque version of "It's A Hard-Knock Life" gave way to an elaborate plot to murder the lascivious, laundry-peddling Mr. Bundles. Whatever LeAnn actually did, it could never top my imaginary Cell-Block Tango verse about how she ruthlessly dissolved some Tide in his evening brandy.

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