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April 07, 2008

Fug the Cover: Lauren Conrad

We've been so mean to LC lately and I totally don't even mean it. Sure, I thought her fashion line sort of sucked, but she seems like a nice girl, and I look forward to seeing her in one of our Blame Spencer tees. (Buy early, buy oftblah blah blah blah).  But she's got some problems, you guys: Her taste in men is questionable at best, for one thing. For another, Mark -- that teen/tween magalogue from Avon -- is out to get her:

She doesn't look bad there, per se. But she also totally doesn't look like herself. To the extent that I recently spent like twenty minutes trying to figure out if that WAS LC, or just some rando model.  I kept putting this thing down and then picking it up again. I really went back and forth like nine times. And you know how, if you write the word "turnip" or whatever multiple times, it eventually loses ALL MEANING? Ten minutes into my existential Is This Lauren Or What? crisis, her face lost all meaning and context to me. It could have been Engelbert Humperdinck up on there.  Though I don't know how well he sells perfumes to teenagers.

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