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April 16, 2008

Fugie Price

British cleavage queen Jordan is trying harder and harder to re-brand herself by her actual birth name Katie Price (imagine that), because of how she allegedly separates her raunchy modeling persona from her real life. I would like to try and go with her on that one -- she's sort of amusing on what I've seen of her late-night show with hubby Peter Andre -- but she's so costumey and crazy that it's hard to think of her as any kind of real person at all.

For instance, to promote her autobiography, Katie-Jordan wore a disco Wonder Woman outfit. To debut her new lingerie line, she wore a bra and panties. And now, to pimp her latest children's book Mermaids and Pirates: Follow The Fish, she showed up, of COURSE, in something delightfully literal:

[Photo: Splash News]

That's just fantastic -- it's like the Enchantment Under The Sea dance reimagined as a soft-core ice ballet. Which, of course, is wholly appropriate when celebrating a book that's all about touching things and is aimed at really, really young people. What a successful image makeover this has been.

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