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April 07, 2008


For our readers in foreign lands who may want to see the book but can't get it: Kickette is here to help. The dishy, snarky blog about England's footballers and their WAGs is giving away three copies, and you have until April 14 to enter.

We also did a guest take on a few of the infamously badly-dressed ladies.

Take, for example, Elen Rives and her unbelievably unflattering high-waisted, black satin corset-trousers, which come thoughtfully adorned with belt loops, in case you’re the sort of OCD case who worries about flashing your crack even in a situation where your waistline is in intimate congress with your armpits.

They almost distract from her giant lips—almost.

Enjoy the rest of the WAGalicious fug, and enter to win one of three copies of the book, by clicking here to read the whole stinkin' piece.

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