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April 30, 2008

Fuglee Sobieski

Well, at least she's clothed.

But somehow Leelee Sobieski comes off looking not like a nice young actress, but rather somebody's wicked stepmother from a 1980s soap -- one on which, say, she just married Morgan Fairchild's father in a scandalous February-to-December union, and so we are treated to a number of scenes in which Morgan slinks around the house teasing up her hair and sneering, "Hello, MOTHER," as Leelee swans by in a cloud of linebacker shoulder pads and billowing sleeves. I'm pretty sure there would be a part in it for Emma Samms also, with the occasional appearance by Young Pierce Brosnan as a corporate rogue with dollar-signs in his eyes and fur-covered handcuffs in his heart.

And while that show would be awesome, that ship has probably sailed, so Leelee might need to go ahead and put away the bathrobe before she's relegated to playing a young Meredith Baxter-no-longer-Birney in a Lifetime movie about all the Lifetime movies she's made.

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