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April 08, 2008

Fugperate Fugwives

In theory? Not bad.

But in practice... Teri, the tan lines didn't just pop up there by themselves. Marcia Cross did not hex you with those while you were in the car. You HAD TO KNOW. This sort of thing is becoming such a pet peeve of mine now -- the bathing-suit marks take an otherwise nice cocktail dress and make it look like a beach cover-up that she threw on after building a sandcastle so she could go have a grilled cheese sandwich at the clubhouse. Why not save this little baby for a time when you've evened things out, and instead go with something that has straps? Or wear a wrap? Or just chuck the whole thing and actually go make grilled cheese? You'd be surprised at the clarity a little cheddar on white can bring. Especially if you jam some bacon in it.

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