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April 25, 2008

Fugprete Housefugs

I feel like I see Andrea Bowen more on the red carpet than I do on Desperate Housewives lately, which is a shame, because she's cute on the show. I imagine she'd like a little more screen time, too, hence this call for help:

Oh, girl.  Somehow you look like you stumbled into a Lifetime Movie in which you play Sharon Lawrence's pregnant teen daughter, who insists on attending her prom despite the pearl-clutching protests of the school board.  Pregnant Prom Queen, let's call it. The teen father, of course, will turn out to be a lout, but Sharon will find love in the arms of Bruce Boxleitner, the high school principal who goes to bat for Andrea despite his disapproval of premarital sex. All of which would make an entertainingly cheesetastic movie, but as a fashion choice on a young, pretty, slender actress, it MIGHT be a mistake.

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