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April 30, 2008


Picture it: it's early. I have not yet consumed my customary metric ton of coffee. I am looking at pictures of celebrities, bleary-eyed and not really concentrating (I am thinking instead about American Idol and how boring it is this year, or something equally profound).  I see this:

[Photo: INFDaily.com]

I think, "WHAT is Justin Long WEARING? And that's not DREW BARRYMORE. Did they break up while I was on vacation? WHAT IS GOING ON?"

Ten minutes (and a cup of coffee) later: "OH GOOD LORD. That was ROSS. What is WRONG with me? What is wrong with HIM? What is with that TIE?"

Half an hour later: "Seriously, Justin Long. I'm so sorry. You only look like Ross when I am severely under-caffeinated and a little blind. Although maybe this means you should think about a haircut. Schwimmer, I apologize to you, too -- I guess I briefly forgot you existed. And we had some laughs together. Remember that time someone at work ate your sandwich? That was a good time! And at least I took you for someone way younger than you... right? Swap out the tie and hit the Mach-5 and everything will be fine! I promise!"

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