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April 28, 2008

MTV Australia Awards Fug Carpet: Wyclef Jean

Thanks to Google, I learned that when discussing his gig as the host of MTV Australia's awards ceremony, Wyclef Jean insisted that it was time for a little levity in all our lives.

That nugget of information explained so, so much. Like, say, why he put the award on his head.

[Photo: Splash News]

I'm not even kidding -- that IS the award, from what I can tell. I guess it's better than him lying about how it's not important and is going to go on his toilet/in a box in the garage/on the floor to be used as a doorstop. But I'm not sure what the antagonistic gestures are in aid of; he's the one wearing a cheap plastic trophy that makes him look like Darth Vadar attempting to go as a wastebasket for Halloween.

Maybe he was just exhausted by all the forced hilarity of the evening. After all, he started things off on the red carpet with something of a bang:

I know that's a wig, but I like to think it's a fur turban that he mistakenly washed and tumble-dried before the event (further proof that you should always, always check with Joan Collins when you are unsure how to care for your hugely aggressive hats).

I've already mentioned the esteemed Dr. Emmett Brown once today -- in a post I am publishing later, but whatever, it counts -- so I'll refrain from noting that Wyclef appears to be channeling what he'd wear to a Mad Scientists' convention in Las Vegas. Instead, I will applaud him. Because I do appreciate the giggles Mr. Jean is providing us all in these trying times of war, economic uncertainty, and the very real fear that any Ashlee Simpson/Pete Wentz spawn will be born with a kohl pencil in its hand and such stiff, spiky hair that it fatally stabs the delivery-room nurse.

So thank you, Wyclef, for cheering us up. Also, could you loan that thing to Renee Zellweger? I want to see if it's an improvement.

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