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April 10, 2008


Admit it: you REALLY want to check out the newly-updated versions of the Sweet Valley High books. We hear you. Which is why we ran out as soon as they were released and gobbled them up like fries at the Dairi Burger (now called "Casa del Sol," like, whatever. It's always the Dairi Burger to US), and reported back for NY Mag. Turns out all the terrible, terrible 80s clothes have gone the way of 1BRUCE1, which is to say: into ancient history. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Seriously, we really miss 1BRUCE1). Also:

"Back in the day, falsely accused student-romancer Ms. Dalton "never looked prettier" than when chaperoning a dance in her long velvet skirt, an old-fashioned blouse with "lots of ruffles and tucks," and a fake rose pinned over one ear. To avoid modern-day confusion that she is either Amish or a refugee from Anne of Green Gables, she now wears an eggplant sheath. What, no leggings?"

Find out which other iconic SVH wardrobe choices have been left in the dust, along with those five pounds they shaved off the twins,  at NY Mag.com.

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