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April 03, 2008

Random Fug: Irina Pantaeva

All right, so we've seen former and possibly current model Irina Pantaeva around Fashion Week in New York, so she's probably not all THAT random, and she WAS in Zoolander after all.

"Good start," you might say, "but what has she done for me lately?"

I am so glad you asked.

If you were to dip a Dr. Seuss book in acid and then lick it from cover to cover, this might be what you'd sketch. It's confusing. Bamboozling. Gaxfangling and froozling. This is the stuff of an alternate universe -- I would not be at all surprised if Phoebe Price flew through my window right now, offered me some bread made of handbags and a candle-flavored snood, and then told me that this is the new candy-striper uniform at the MC Hammer Glory of Angels Hospital and National Defense Think-Tank. Up is down, and down us up; Bai Ling's 43 personalities look like a cleansing breath of sensible air, and Intern George is about to put too much tonic in my vodka. I want to go home.

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