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April 02, 2008

Without Fug, There Is No Paradise

Remember those infuriating De Beers "I LOVE THIS MAN" commercials? That just made you want to slap the diamonds off that woman? In contrast to that, I TRULY love this woman:

Her name is Maria Castro, she's starring in a telenovela called (translated to English) Without Tits, There Is No Paradise. And, according to Wikipedia, it is DEPRESSING:

"ParaĆ­so tells the story of 17-year-old Catalina, a gorgeous young girl who descends into a decadent world of easy money as a teen prostitute. She comes from a poor single-parent family and her brother works as a hired killer for drug traffickers. The girl dreams of a life of luxury, but she is not bosomy enough to attract a wealthy pusher whom she can seduce into making her a pampered paramour.

Sick of poverty, Catalina decides that plastic surgery will help her find a new life. During her pursuit, she is raped, gets an abortion and dives into the sex trade. She sells her body to raise money for breast augmentation. After five operations, she loses the will to live and considers suicide."

HILARIOUS! By which I mean sad/extremely dramatic/possibly kind of crazy. Apparently, it's been optioned for American TV as well, and I can only say that I hope Maria Castro and her beautiful shoes and SKIRT MADE OF FEATHERS THAT LOOK LIKE LEAVES come along. Because this looks like the unfortunate outcome of a wild afternoon with a pile of detritus and some mis-applied SuperGlue, and I LOVE IT. I demand more!


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