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May 22, 2008

Eva Fugzigova

It seems famed lingerie model Eva Herzigova might also be the unofficial Gams of Cannes. With the exception of last year, in which she was pregnant, Eva generally always shows up at the French film festival at least once in something that openly begs for your vote for the coveted Gams d'Or.

Like, say, this little number from 2006. Or this, from now:

Not that she doesn't have the bod, and I congratulate her on her consistency. But I'm a bit less enchanted by the fact that I suspect these are the widow's weeds the Playboy bunnies will wear when Hugh Hefner is finally, irreversibly tempted by the big pillowy sex swing in the sky (where I hear you can get super-strong Viagra without a prescription -- so, like Mexico, but without the threat of dysentery). Why steal their thunder, Eva? They're going to be sad enough as it is.

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