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May 12, 2008

For a Good Fugging Cause

Recently, Heather and I were thrilled and honored to be asked to contribute a doodle to USA National Doodle Day. Doodles like ours are being auctioned on eBay from now through May 18th to benefit NF. Inc, an organization which helps people and families impacted by neurofibromatosis, one of the most common genetic disorders in the United States. NF causes tumors to form on your body's nerves -- any time, and anywhere. There is no cure. But funds raised from Doodle Day auctions will help support education and research that could change all that. So how could we resist putting pen to paper?

It turns out that Heather and I have... limited artistic ability, shall we say?

I have been working on that Lady With Chin In Profile through YEARS of math classes, and only seasonal restrictions prevented me from sticking her head next to the only other thing I can draw: a Christmas tree. Heather, on the other hand, shows some rudimentary skill at sketching my bangs. ["But I am paralyzed by the inability to sketch anything that isn't a stick figure, with the lone exception of the blazingly true-to-life five-legged horse I drew in elementary school." -- Heather] But it's all in the name of a very good cause! So if you'd like to take our masterpiece home, eBay has made it just as easy as bidding on a pair of Louboutins in the middle of the night after a few cocktails. Bid! Bid! Bid!

And if if turns out you'd rather take home a mermaid doodled by Winnie Cooper, a seriously stellar drawing by Seth Green, or a deeply awesome sentiment aptly expressed by Wanda Sykes, or one of many, many other groovy doodles...well, we understand. I mean, if we'd thought of writing "I love butter too, y'all," we would have. Because we do.

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