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May 16, 2008


In total fairness, I bet this IS comfortable:

Like my grandma's housedress, or a hotel robe, neither of which I would willingly wear out of the house. In addition to that fact that it's a vaguely Hammer-Pantsian jumpsuit romper, it looks like a rather cheap Hammer-Pantsian jumpsuit romper. The sort of thing you grab when you're in Urban Outfitters picking up some wacky summer sunglasses and hold up and wave at your friend while making a, "can you believe they're selling this?!?!" face, and then she makes a "Whoa!" face and then you both go back to trying on sunglasses and end up buying ones that you suspected would make you look like an asshole, but it turns out are actually kind of cute. But no one really BUYS that Hammer-Pantsian jumpsuit romper from Urban Outfitters. It ends up in the back left corner of the store under deep, deep discount along with the hemp culottes and the fringed hotpants. And if someone DOES buy the Hammer-Pantsian jumpsuit romper, she probably just wears it around the house. OR SHE SHOULD.

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