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May 19, 2008


I am mildly concerned that Dania Ramirez appears to be wearing a dress cobbled together from wrapping paper I saw at Target and a hot pink tutu.

And I am really rather perplexed by the fact that her right boob apparently needs to be thrust up so much farther than her left. Did it win something?

But above all, I can't help being VERY worried that her presence at Upfronts parties this spring means we are stuck seeing more of her annoying character on Heroes. And I can't handle that. I would take an entire season more of Ali Larter and/or Lovestruck Hiro Mooning Around Feudal Japan (Not To Be Confused With 'Mooning Feudal Japan,' Which Would Be More Of An HBO Show) if it meant not having to watch Wonder Twin #1 act like a complete idiot and then gasp awkwardly while the special-effects guys turn her eyes black. Granted, none of that is necessarily Dania's direct fault, but she is the one who dredged up all those feelings by attending Happy Fun Fall Schedule parties in a dress that I'm pretty sure is something Paris Hilton would've worn to a birthday party -- or, indeed, even as pajamas -- when she was ten. And possibly twenty.

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