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May 21, 2008

Million Fug Baby

I thought Hilary Swank was making a movie about Amelia Earhart, but it seems I was wrong. She's clearly making a Lifetime movie about a small town local news anchor with big dreams of becoming the next Katie Couric:

But of course her well-ordered life of supremely sensible hair and cotton-blend pantsuits is turned upside down when her fiance, the local police chief (played by Grant Show), is arrested for murdering a young prostitute who turns out to be the child Hilary Swank gave up for adoption years ago, and her comfortable suburban life goes up in FLAMES! It's called But First: Reporting Live: Not Without My ING Sweater Set: The Mary Katherine Elizabeth Houlihan Story and it's premiering right after they show both Menendez brothers mini-series in an eight-hour block. I can't wait!

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