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May 14, 2008

NYFug.com: Handicapping the Top Model Finale

We KNOW you're prepping for tonight's Top Model finale the usual way: plucking your brows, practicing your fiercest walk and preparing your signature eggplant dip, Banksa ghanoush. Care to make it....interesting? Yeah, that's right. Are you, like Kenny Rogers, a Gambler? Because we're laying odds at NY Mag.com:

"You know Tyra has been itching to anoint a girl with curves, and frankly, we're similarly rooting for Whitney to pull the upset — if for no other reason than to imagine the outrage from beanpole advocates like ex-judge Janice Dickinson. After all, if the show can’t produce an actual top model, the least it can do is stir up a little tabloid drama."

On the other hand, do we really think she'll win? Not entirely. See how the handicapping shakes out at NY Mag.com. (But BE WARNED: The comments to this post already contain alleged spoilers, so don't scroll down to read them if you want to go in fresh and clean!)

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