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May 21, 2008

Random (To Us) Fug: Corinne Touzet

When I saw this dress from afar, in a wee photo thumbnail, I expected that when it enlarged I'd see a wig-wearing Phoebe Price in it:

Because if there is anyone in this world likely to wear a gown one of the nominees would sport at the Circus Animal Tamers Banquet and Awards Gala -- or CATBAG -- it is our girl P-Squared, who has never met a cutout she thought was too small. Or maybe Bai Ling, whom I imagine actually does wrangle leopards in her spare time. This does not bode well for Corinne Touzet, whose reasonably long resume indicates she might be an actual working actress, and therefore would probably prefer to avoid speculation that she is secretly operating an old-timey brothel -- which, if you think about it, is not that different than lion-taming, but possibly with a smaller whip. Then again, she did wear the dress, so maybe she WANTS people to think she's about to run off and publish a salacious semiautobiographical novel called Petting Zoo.

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