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May 09, 2008

Think of Fug, Think of Fug Fondly

So, it's Friday, which means it's Embarrassing Admissions Day here at GFY. Usually, this is where I talk about something horrifyingly shameful, like how I sometimes give myself a beehive when I'm home and bored, or how I cry at Whirlpool commercials sometimes, or how I sat through all of I Know Who Killed Me this weekend (DON'T DO IT TO YOURSELF [though Lindsay still has some residual charisma in it. (but it is EMBARRASSINGLY bad [and not even in a funny way (most of the time)])]).

Today, I admit to you all that I think I am in love with Sarah Brightman. I mean, look at her:

She is crazy. And awesome. And tiny. And probably a total wackjob. But how can you not love a woman who attends a classical music awards event covered in multiple pelts -- one of which is spectacularly poofy-skirted -- and thigh high leather dominatrix boots? I'm not being sarcastic. That coat is fabulously over the top even without the boots, but this combo makes her look CRAZY and RAD. I don't know what movie she thinks she's starring in, but I want to see it.

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