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July 27, 2004

I'm Running Out of Puns For Courtney Fug, Here

This woman needs rehab? No way! Doesn't she look petulant? "Your hoooooooneeeeer, I don't waaaaaaaana go to rehaaaaaab." At least she managed to spackle enough Dermablend onto her rapidly disintegrating facial structure to look primarily human.

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July 14, 2004

The Greatest Fug Of All

I know, I know -- saying Courtney Love is fuggin' fugly is a bit like saying Steven Tyler's mouth is a little larger than average. But when the Massive Genital Wart on the Crotch of the Grand Diva of Fug actually manages to out-fug herself, it's irresponsible to ignore it.

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July 09, 2004

This Just In! Warning: This May Take You To A Bad Mental Place

According to Reuters, Courtney Love has been hospitalized. From the linked article: "It's not drug-related," [her PR Flack] added. "It's a feminine issue. ...a medical condition relating to gynecological issues."

Just ruminate on that for a while.

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Celebrity Problem Skin

Happy birthday to Courtney Love. Poor Courtney. She certainly looks fugly as hell, but we all know it's just because that's what being utterly batshit crazy does to one's face. Well, that and all the drugs.

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