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June 22, 2006

About Heather

Favorite Sport: Skeet shooting; glass-hurling; marriage

Likes: Revenge; satin; Capri and Acapulco; men who wear flannel; champagne and caviar; mink; turbans; mink turbans; oil; torturing those of a lower social station; yelling; hissing; blackmail.

Dislikes: Cotton; people who don't have penises; being falsely accused of murder; Moldavians; blackmail.

Favorite Food: Olives; caviar; sex

Sworn Enemies: Mark Jennings (attempted blackmail and seduction, deceased); Sean Rowan (ex-husband, attempted murder, deceased); Joseph (the butler, attempted murder, deceased); Cassie "Caress" Morell (attempted financial/life ruin, not deceased... yet); Sable Colby (attempted financial/life ruin, also momentarily not deceased); Krystle Carrington (married Blake, failed to die of brain ailment); Blake Carrington, when not making attempts to reunite with him.

Memorable Quotes: "No one takes me to the cleaners AND to bed in the same night" and "I HATE YOU BLAAAAKKKKEEE."

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