June 07, 2006

Press Clippings

We know people don't come here to read about us. Ergo, we prefer to be very low-key about it if we're lucky enough to get a media mention.

But increasingly, people we like have pointed out that we probably need to act like professionals and put a press kit of sorts on the site (apparently, some people find this to be very helpful). So, this is our very cursory stab at a one-stop shop for people who are curious about where GFY has been mentioned. We can't be completely sure that we've covered everything, but thanks to our very alert, eagle-eyed readers, here is a pretty thorough sample.

Named one of the magazine's favorite 25 entertainment sites on the Web -- both in the June 23, 2006, issue and online here.

Named a "site [they] can't get enough of," July 2006, p. 38.

Front page feature, Sept. 28, 2005.

One of the 50 Coolest Web sites of 2005, according to, the online wing of the famed newsmagazine.

"Treat yourself to the peerlessly malicious musings of 'Heather' and 'Jessica.'" -- January 2006

Named one of PC Mag's favorite 100 blogs, October 2007.

Named one of PC World's "100 Blogs We Love," June 2007.

Made columnist Steve Johnson's "50 best Web sites" list in March 2006: "Not nice. Which is very n-i-i-c-c-c-e, in the say-it-slowly-and-then-high-five-somebody sense of the word."

"The classy Heather and Jessica, alternately known as the Fug Girls, tear apart the worst of red-carpet fashion disasters -- and do so with ferocious glee. ... The fashion critiques are always reliably hilarious." -- February 2006

Named a staff pick by "So much fun it should be illegal."

Write-in winner in a reader-vote re: the Web's best humor blogs.

Named an example of online excellence in a 2006 survey: "One of the best... workday diversions."

"Bitchy, funny, and just a tad vicious, it indulges us in what we all enjoy most... celebrity styling from the comfort of our armchairs." -- Australian Harper's Bazaar, October 2005

No. 71 on the Canadian network's list of the Top 100 best things in 2005.

"One of the best around" -- British Elle, Feb/March 2005.

TV appearances: Guests of Joan and Melissa Rivers on the Grammy Awards Fashion Wrap, the Academy Awards Fashion Wrap, and the Emmy Awards Fashion Wrap, 2006, TV Guide Channel; Awesomely Badder Fashion for VH-1 in November 2004.

Also mentioned in/on: The Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, profiled in Los Angeles magazine, the New York Post, The Village Voice, profiled in French Vogue, Canada's National Post newspaper,, the Hollywood Reporter ("viciously funny duo"), Variety,,,,,,, National Public Radio, Australian and Italian Cosmopolitan, The Boston Herald, Details magazine, Time Out Chicago,

Freelance writing: Premiere magazine, Star magazine, TV Guide,,, Rolling Stone, New York magazine.

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